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Henry Lõiv

Best known by his developer name called ,,henrylife” on XDA-DEVELOPERS. Link to profile.

My name is Henry Lõiv and I am a Software developer and Graphics designer, currently living in Estonia. I have learned my skills from the internet and my primary focus and inspiration is Web Development, Graphics design. In my free time, I take all IT-related coarses in order to get even more better! I am both driven and self-motivated, and I am constantly experimenting with new technologies and techniques. I am very passionate about Web Development, and strive to better myself as a developer, and the development community as a whole.

Talking about the ROM porting itself. When I was young I got my hands on the Samsung Omnia i900 variant. Immediately I bought it as it featured GPS and newest Windows Mobile, was it 6.1? Not sure anymore, but anyhow I had much fun with it. Being a geek these times, it was really fascinating for me. Time further I saw that HTC came out with its TouchFlo3D interface, I had eager to get it on my phone. So I started visiting Modaco daily and started to flash different ROM’s. Halfly managed to get HTC’s interface to work also. Fast travel to the time when S3 came out. Then all the need for modding and getting other apps to work went crazy. Bam! Note 2 and S4 came out. And the porting began. Over time I got better & better and kept acquiring only Galaxy flagships. Of course I published all my work with You  @XDA. Here I am now. Starting development and ROM releasing on the new level. Cheers!



on XDA


Used only the latest firmware files to base on. With hours and hours tinkering.


Be prepared to transform your phone to the best transformation your phone has ever felt.


Design is purely stock, but with a lot of different mods and customization options.


Developing takes time, but the outcome is really brilliant. Come check out!