About Glamour ROM


What exactly is Glamour ROM?

Whole point of this piece of installable firmware is to get all newer goodies from the latest firmware version. Lets call it transforming an older phone to a newer phone at software level. Hardware obviously will stay untouched.

How do I download from this website?

Download links are either put on xda or this particular site.

Will Glamour ROM work on my mobile device?

Currently it’s only for Samsung specific devices. For listed models shown below, but for sure more is about to come.

Is it available in my country?

It is available worldwide all you need to do is download it.

ROM Specific

Do all Google Play apps work?

Everything should work out of the box. Root is optional choice. It’s bundled with Aroma though.

How does knox 0x1 affect usage of Samsung specific apps, like S Health or security related functions?

Yeah. Samsung has been added verification checks for knox trigger to their latest firmware, but it can be bypassed, everything can, but do not expect S Pay to be bypassed by any hack whatsoever.

What is a ROM Control?

Version I use is made by dax and wuby @xda. It is built completely from the source. What it does is giving a complete control over SystemUI, framework, Settings… You name it. Can change from colors up to the function disablings.

Does root and lack of knox security puts your phone at security risk?

There’s always a major risk when getting rid of security barriers protecting your precious phone from malicious attacks. In this case they are knox and disabled root on the android phone. Disabling them can open a gate for the hackers, every kind of viruses can gain access to users privacy etc.


How do I install it?

You can install it through custom recovery like: Philz, CWM or TWRP. Just drop zip to the SD-card and install it straight from there

What to do when install fails?

You can send me a e-mail about the status code and log you received while trying to install it. Usually it’s caused by a zip file corruption. On XDA I’ve included md5 crc codes to verify whether file is corrupt or not.

How long should install take?

Usually it takes 5 minutes to complete the zip install, but dalvik-cache recreation might take more than 15min. So if you get looping Samsung bootanimation, then there’s no need to worry because it is creating the cache files.

Is there a plan for more Aroma mods to come?

Yes. There is a big plan for that. Need to first reacquire development devices and code green will be given.